Meaningful and Memorable Messages

Course Description

Having a strong message is critical in today’s competitive business environment. A meticulously crafted message gets results, while one that is disjointed or overloaded with details gets ignored, causing costly delays or missed opportunities

Meaningful and Memorable Messages is a two day class that will provide your team with tools they need to create clear, compelling content and do it quickly, using the 15 Minute Presentation Planner. Participants will leave feeling more confident in their own expressiveness and in their ability to connect with their listeners.

Specifically, participants will:

  • Define their objective.
  • Focus on the listener’s priorities, rather than their own.
  • Learn to sequence their ideas so that they get the intended results.
  • Support their ideas with right amount of detail.
  • Eliminate content clutter, jargon and other problems.
  • Create openings that immediately grab attention and closings that motivate their listeners to action.
  • Learn best practices in the design and use of visuals.
  • Handle tough questions non defensively.
  • Present their ideas effectively whether in a one on one meeting, a customer engagement, a large group session or virtually over the internet.

Course Summary

Who should attend?

Anyone needing to influence others

Anyone needing to create and structure a strong message

Anyone anxious about how to begin and end


2 days

12 participants (maximum)

1 consultant


Seven video taping

Prepared presentations, lecture, discussion, paired and individual exercises

On the spot and personal coaching

Workbook with practice exercise

Follow up monthly e-newsletters