Communicating with Influence

Course Description

Business professionals today need to be able to influence others. They need to be able to filter trends, data, and results in order to help internal and external executives edit the voluminous amount of information crossing their desks and stymieing their decision making. Yet, influencing others isn’t easy.

With Impact Communications’ Communicating with Influence, your team will learn the strategies and techniques necessary to focus their listeners on what matters and ultimately change behavior.

Specifically, participants will:

  • Discover the key factors that affect influence.
  • Understand their listener’s world, their communication style and their key concerns.
  • Anchor their conversation to critical issues.
  • Guide people toward adaptation of an idea by rational means.
  • Demonstrate expertise by identifying trends, patterns, outcomes, probabilities and other key performance indicators.
  • Build rapport by displaying confidence and conviction in their body language.
  • Show concern for your listener’s opinions through intentional listening.
  • Respond to objections in a non defensive manner.
  • Open and close in a way that immediately engages the listener and clarifies next steps.
  • Eliminate distracting behaviors that would undermine their credibility.

Course Summary

Who should attend?

Anyone needing to influence others

Anyone speaking to those more senior than themselves

Anyone speaking to an outside customer


2 days

12 Participants

1 Consultant


Seven to eight video tapings

Highly interactive

Individual and peer coaching

Seasoned, experienced consultants

Workbooks with practice exercises

Follow up monthly e-newsletters

Pre and Post Class surveys

Customized exercises