Coaching Award Winning Customer Service

Course Description

This full day class is designed to provide you with the coaching skills you need to help your customer service representatives continue to improve.

It is your guarantee that reps will not forget the skills learned in Ex.C.E.E.D. It is your insurance policy for delivering world-class service. Through coaching, reps will see that someone cares about them and is paying attention to them. They will eliminate self-destructive behavior and achieve positive results.

When we don’t coach or coach sporadically, we accept satisfactory performance. The end result of this kind of thinking is a loss in competitiveness, a decline in market share, stagnant capitol growth and decreasing profitability.

What you will learn in this class is:

  • Why coaching is important.
  • How to interact with different learning styles.
  • How to coach for commitment, a process.
  • What to do when things don’t go perfectly.
  • How to survive peak periods

Course Summary

Who should attend?

Customer service supervisors and managers

The prerequisite to this class is Ex.C.E.E.D.


1 day

6 participants (maximum)


Extensive audio-taping

Coaching from the Impact Consultant as well as peer coaching

Highly interactive exercises

Role-playing using actual calls from your call center

Question and Answer segment


Workbook with practice exercises