Presentation Communication Skills Classes

 Selling Your Ideas and Motivating Others with Effective Communication Skills

A 2-day class designed to teach you the basics for communicating your ideas and getting the desired results. Whether you are in sales, marketing, training or consulting, this class will help you to understand your listeners, craft compelling messages, deliver them effectively, think on your feet and harness fear. Extensive video-taping and personal coaching.

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Technical Presentations that S.C.O.R.E

Scoring with Technical Presentations is a 2 day class that is designed specifically for those communicating in a technical or financial environment. Following the S.C.O.R.E. Model of Simple, Clear, well Organized, Relevant and Engaging Messages, participants will learn how to  is position and deliver their ideas in a way that really resonates with their listeners. Extensive video taping. Pre-work required.

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Communicating with Influence

Influencing people more senior than yourself or those over whom you have no control is difficult. It requires a thorough understanding of the factors that affect influence, strong communication skills and a compelling message. 2-day class with extensive video taping will provide the tools you need to be effective. Pre-work required.

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Meaningful and Memorable Messages

A 2 day content driven class where participants learn the four steps to message development. They will leave with a proven process and a story board approach to creating listener focused, action oriented messages in a short amount of time. Video taping. Pre-work required.

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Telephone Communication Skills Classes

Ex.C.E.E.D. (Exceeding Customer Expectations Every Day)

A one day class specifically designed for those in a call center environment. This program addresses the issues customer service representatives themselves have said they need to know. Reps will create their own action plan. Extensive audio taping is provided.

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Effective Telephone Skills for Inside Sales Representatives

A one day, practical course that helps inside sales people close more business and develop lasting relationships with their customers. Sales people will improve listening and questioning skills, develop a compelling story that provides value to the customer, produce a confident voice,  and leave action oriented voicemails and emails. Extensive audio taping is provided.

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Coaching Award Winning Customer Service

A full day class designed to provide managers and supervisors with the skills and processes they need to help customer service representatives deliver world class service on a consistent basis. Extensive audio taping provided.

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On-the-Job Coaching

In On-the-Job Coaching, seasoned Impact Communications, Inc.’s consultants sit elbow to elbow with call center representatives, listening in on calls and providing immediate feedback on ways to be more efficient or effective. An action plan with practice suggestions will be co-jointly created.

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Personal Coaching

One-on-One Consultation or Team Consultation

A one-day course totally designed by you and your Impact Communications’ consultant. It is an opportunity to get personalized attention on your communication issues, or to fine tune existing skills or prepare for an important event and to critique your self on videotape.

It is also an opportunity for your team to prepare for an important event.

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Personal Communication Skills Coaching

A unique opportunity for individuals to develop their leadership skills. The agenda is developed by you and your Impact Communications’ Consultant. To accommodate busy schedules, personal coaching is available in three hour packages or as a full day offering.

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