Advantages of Working with Impact Communications, Inc.

Impact Communications, Inc. recognizes that individuals and corporations have choices when researching presentation communication skills training and telephone communication skills training programs. Impact Communications, Inc. differs from its competitors because everyone is dedicated, not only to meeting, but exceeding customer expectations.

We pride ourselves in taking time to listen and understand our customers so that we can design programs that address and resolve the individual or company’s particular needs. Additionally, before any presentation communications skills or telephone communications skills training class, we survey participants and managers to insure that there have been no misinterpretations and to fine-tune exercises.

Once the class is over, we contact participants randomly on a monthly basis to reinforce the skills and give individuals the opportunity to ask personal questions. Other differentiators include the following:

  • All customized programs. Rather than the typical generic “shelf programs,” our programs are customized to your specific industry or culture.
  • Pre-workshop surveys and interviews. We take the time to understand the individual needs of participants so that instructors can adapt our exercises accordingly.
  • The Presentation Planner. This easy to use tool helps people create and deliver action-oriented, listener-focused messages.
  • Extensive video and/or audio taping with personalized feedback. Knowing what to practice or change is critical to growth. Video and audio taping, along with feedback from a communications’ expert, helps participants become more compelling communicators.
  • Action Plans. Participants end the class creating their own personal action plans.
  • Follow-up. To insure that participants remember the skills, we provide monthly newsletters and blogs on in-person presentations and phone skills.
  • DVD reviews. Participants have the ability to submit a videotape for review after the program at no additional charge.
  • Six Months of Telephone Consultation. Participants have the ability to have short telephone consultations about their progress or issues at no additional charge to your organization.
  • Practical, easy to use workbooks with practice suggestions. Our workbooks help participants and their managers to continue to fine-tune their abilities.