Today’s fast paced global economy requires rapid dissemination of information and ideas. Strong communication skills are critical for every employee. It is not enough for business professionals to know their business. They have to be able to communicate it effectively.

Impact Communications, Inc. was established in 1998. It is a national presentation communication skills and telephone communication skills training company that excels at defining and developing the core elements of effective business communication. With presentation communication skills training, telephone communications skills training, every encounter can be an efficient and lucid transmission of information.

Our customized training solutions focus on two main areas:
  1. Presentation Communication Skills Training – for managers and senior level executives.
  2. Telephone Communication Skills Training – for inside sales, customer service or technical support representatives.
With training, personal coaching and video or audio-taped feedback, executives, managers and front line people learn how to:
  • Sell their ideas.
  • Understand their clients or customers.
  • Become credible, confident and authentic communicators.
  • Answer difficult questions and handle challenging situations effectively.
  • Have immediate impact.

When you have to have impact, our organization can provide presentation skills training and /or phone skills training that will enable individuals in your company to achieve the desired results and improve the bottom line.