One-On-One Consultation or Team Consultation

Course Description

Knowing your business is not enough. You must be able to communicate it. You must be able to sell yourself. With good communication skills you or your team are successful. You stand out from the competition. Your audience understands your message, and they see you or your team as knowledgeable and confident. They want to do business with you.

A One-on-One Consultation or Team Consultation is a class totally designed by you and your Impact Communications’ consultant. It is an opportunity for you to get personalized attention on your particular needs.

These issues may include:

  • Creating content that is meaningful and memorable.
  • Using your body and voice to support your message.
  • Rehearsing for that high stakes presentation.
  • Handling questions.
  • Eliminating anxiety.
  • Transforming your group into an effective team.

Course Summary

Who should attend?

Any individual preparing for an important event.

Any team needing to give a flawless presentation.

The typical audience includes senior level and mid-level executives.


Typically 1 day

One-on-one private session with a highly trained, experienced consultant.

Extensive video taping and feedback.

Written comments and suggestions for practice.

Availability to do “dry run throughs” on site.