An Organization's Key People Need to Convey Expertise, Confidence and Authority

Impact Communications, Inc. is a national communications skill building training organization that is committed to helping individuals craft powerful messages and deliver them confidently. No matter what your business, achieving mission critical objectives and keeping a competitive edge are what counts. Impact Communications, Inc.'s presentation skills, telephone skills and personal coaching classes will insure that the professionals in your organization communicate your messages successfully and are perceived in the best possible manner.

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Presentation Communication Skills Training

Tailored presentation communication skills training to address specific issues for an individual or company wide. Training can be developed for one-on-one or for groups. Our training focuses on what makes a great presentation and how to present a great presentation.

Telephone Communication Skills Training

Our telephone communication skills training can be tailored as an in-house program, for specific groups or for individuals and organized to address specific issues. Refined and proper telephone skills help to keep existing clients.